Hybrid Solar Power Station


  • 2007: Resort management decides to investigate options for renewable power generation and emission reductions Tropical Energy Solutions conducts Energy Audit and identifies opportunities to combine comprehensive load management with hybrid power system development 
Average daily fuel consumption reduced from 500l to 300l with equal reductions in emissions and costs.
  • 2008: Federal Government funding approval obtained to support construction of Hybrid Power Station 
Tropical Energy Solutions provides the Hybrid Power Station System Design services. 
Hybrid Power Station built during November and December 2008, and was commissioned on the 20th of December 2008.

System Details:

  • Free-standing hardwood timber structure 18.25m x 8.20m, 25° tilt to true north, 143m² active solar surface area
  • 20kWp Solar PV modules (96 x Kyocera 205), 600Ah 48V VRLA Gel Battery Bank (48 x Sonnenschein A600/3500)
  • 64kW encapsulated genset, AC Coupled Inverter System (6 x SMA Sunny Island + 3 x SMA SMC 7000TL)
  • 100kW 3-phase 415V System capacity, datalogging and internet integration via SMA WebBox

Achievements as at March 2009:
  • Reduction of resort peak load by 42%, Reduction of annual load by 35%.
  • Reduction of diesel consumption from 550 litres per day to 160 litres per day = 142,000 litres/year.
  • This resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions by 70% = 380 tonnes CO2/year.
  • Reduction of genset running hours by 29%, Reduction of genset maintenance cost > 50%.
  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels, barging services, and fuel storage facilities in the Marine Park.


  • Added 24 new BAC batteries and 3 SMA SI5048 inverters to the original Hybrid Solar Power Station adding an extra 15kW of reserve storage power, taking the total amount up to 45kW.


  • Placed additional 32 solar panels onto existing buildings to increase our solar renewable capacity by 8kW or 40%.
  • Installed a SMA tripower 8000 inverter.


  • In December 2013, the Resort in conjunction with Peter Libretto from Enertech Solar installed an additional 60 solar panels to the existing 128 panels on Island.
  • The 250 watt REC panels made in Germany were chosen as they are considered the world's best.
  • Alongside the additional solar panels will be an SMA 15,000 tripower Inverter.
  • Replaced the existing 90kW generator with a brand new Denyo DCA generator to reduce our fuel burn by an additional 30 litres/day and reduce the noise footprint with this quieter generator.

Future Developments:

  • System extension, including the installation of additional solar PV and wind power generators by 2014.
  • Installation of water harvesting and energy efficient desalination plant.
  • A 5 year plan to eliminate the reliance on fossil fuels to power the resort.

Our ultimate goal is to have total renewable power supply use by 2015.