Bird Watchers

Lady Elliot Island is one of the most significant seabird breeding sites in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, and it is the southern-most extent of many species’ breeding distribution. Large numbers of seabirds can be found at this site between October and April each year and although around 57 species can be found on Lady Elliot Island through the year, only approximately 14 of these species use the site to breed. Some of these species include black and common noddies; black-naped, bridled, crested, roseate and sooty terns; pied and sooty oystercatchers; wedge-tailed shearwaters, silver gulls and the threatened red-tailed tropic bird.

Regular guided tours allow guests to learn about the delicate balance at play in this ecosystem from their migration to their more unique characteristics. The excellent close up opportunities for photographers is realised everyday during the season.

Lady Elliot Island is a must-see for any avid bird enthusiast.

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