Congratulations to Tanya & Paul!

Paul Hunt & Tanya Brown met on their respective first trips to Lady Elliot Island in 2003. Tanya had heard many wild and wonderful tales of encounters at Lady Elliot Island, from her brothers Martin & Rex who have often frequented these waters over the last decade. So she decided to take the plunge and experience the wonders of the idyllic coral cay for herself! Paul was on a diving trip with his buddy Steve Behan, and luckily (as fate may have it) was driven further north than they had intended to go, due to rough weather. They eventually decided to journey to the fabled Lady where they could be assured of some incredible diving. For Paul and Tanya, both having a love of the marine environment, it was inevitable that they would be drawn together, and in fact, ended up extending their stays to take advantage of some awesome diving and to develop a budding relationship! Through 5 years of an often long distance relationship (commuting between Sydney and Melbourne) and challenges faced, Tanya and Paul have made time every year for a respite to their island paradise. They set their wedding date for 15th September to mark the date they first met on Lady Elliot. The ceremony and reception were held at Tumbling Waters Retreat at Stanwell Tops (just south of Sydney) with gorgeous ocean views. Family and friends, many of whom have also traveled to the unique destination on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, were thrilled to see the wedding cake created by award winning cake designer Lynne Fry of “Lynnes’ gourmet cakes”. This spectacular cake was in the shape of the infamous island and had beautiful figurines of the Bride and Groom snorkeling at their secret spot on the western side of Lady Elliot – where they passed the time blowing heart shaped bubbles showing their affection for each other in this pristine environment. Envious wedding guests were then left to treasure memories of a perfect day, as Paul and Tanya jetted off to their favourite haunt for 10 days of being immersed in nature ….. playing with turtles, mantas, and sipping champagne while the sun set into the turquoise blue waters in gorgeous springtime conditions. The Lady Elliot Island Team offer Tanya and Paul their warmest congratulations and best wishes for the future.