David Ireland is coming to LEI in June

World renowned David Ireland, the 'Wildlife Man', will be staying on Lady Elliot Island for 12 days in June (9-21 June) to film his next documentary. While on the island, David will give film presentations to the guests nightly.

David Ireland is a world renowned wildlife film producers and is arguably one of the worlds most experienced wildlife presenters with 40 years experience in working with everything from lions and leopards to sharks and crocodiles. David Ireland is the "Original Crocodile Man" playing the lead role in the wildlife documentary "Crocodile Man". This film was distributed worldwide on Discovery channel in 1990.

David Ireland is currently producing 24 one hour TV specials titled "The Wildlife Man". David`s aim is to highlight the problems native animals face trying to survive in the modern world. In this new series David travels the world encountering a huge diversity of creatures. In the series he catches by hand deadly snakes, wrestles crocs and wild boars, swims with whales and gets extremely close to a huge raft of dangerous and exotic animals. The series is filmed in all manner of habitats, from tropical jungles to rugged mountains, to deep sea shipwrecks and harsh deserts.

The Wildlife Man featuring David Ireland is seen by hundreds of millions around the world, the series can be seen on Discovery HD Theater in the USA and Canada and numerous networks around the world including Channel Nine in Australia.