Eco Initiatives

Located 80 kilometres East of the Australian mainland, Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is the most isolated, pristine and unique resort on the Great Barrier Reef. This remoteness offers us some interesting challenges on the island.

We generate power utilising our state of the art Hybrid Solar Power Station which combines the technologies of solar panels, gel batteries, inverters and a generator to supply 3-phase power to the island. Since the system was commissioned in December 2008, our diesel fuel usage has reduced from 550 litres to 200 litres per day on average, which is 25% better than originally anticipated. The electricity we create gives us energy for cooking, refrigeration, cooling, lighting and the ability to produce clean, fresh water and the treat our wastewater.

The fuel, gas and other energy sources come from Gladstone by barge every three to four months. The fresh water that you drink is created by a Dunlop IBC reverse osmosis desalination system, converting seawater to fresh water at a rate of 25 litres per minute. The system operates 14 hours per day to produce approximately 20,000 litres per day. Our wastewater/grey water is treated in an AdvanTex waste water treatment plant and is used for irrigation of the airstrip.

All of the fresh fruit, vegetables, other food items and beverages come to Lady Elliot Island by aircraft and all food waste is composted in a pit system. Solid waste material and petroleum based oil wastes are removed by barge to approved facilities on the mainland.

As we are limited in the amount of water we can produce daily, we send all the linen back to the mainland each day for laundering, returning a couple of days later by air. Consequently, the expenses associated with the day-to-day operations of the resort are significant. Our Management Team appreciate your understanding that some of our costs and charges are slightly higher than the mainland, and we limit the number of nightly visitors, to enable us to deliver professional and personalised service.

Fact Sheet - Clean & Green