FAQs - Luggage

Please note that our luggage limit has been increased to 15kg per person as at 1 April 2015.

Does the 15kg weight limit on flights include hand luggage?

Additional light hand luggage (small bag) is permitted to be taken on board at the discretion of the pilot. 

Does the 15kg weight limit apply to children & infants?

Yes, all passengers are entitled to the 15kg luggage allowance.

What happens if I have more than 15kg?

This will depend on the total weight load of the individual flight. It is sometimes possible to carry the excess luggage on your flight, or it may be transported on the next available flight (this may not be on the same day). Excess luggage cost is $5 per kilo/each way.

Can you store my excess luggage at my departure point?

When departing from the Gold Coast, Hervey Bay/Fraser Coast or Bundaberg we are able to look after your excess luggage for the duration of your stay on Lady Elliot providing you are returning to the same port.