Guided Activities

There are a number of day and evening activities on offer for free during your stay at Lady Elliot Island. The Activities board is updated daily with the activities on offer. Some of these activities are offered daily, while others are offered a few times a week. If you are not in the water snorkelling or diving then you can participate in any of our informative and educational tour conducted in the morning and afternoon. A few of the regular tours are outlined below, but many more are on offer.

  • Reef Walking – When the tide is low, you can venture into the lagoon from the beach to the reef edge. You'll see a multitude of marine life as our experienced guide introduces you to the complexities of the reef eco-system. These run daily tides permitting.
  • Fish Feeding – An amazing array of reef fish appear at the ‘fish pool’ every day. Come with your reef walking shoes and immerse yourself in this awesome experience. Your guide will enlighten you regarding the fish and the way we feed them within the Marine Park. Duration 15 minutes.
  • Bird Watching Tour – A huge variety of seabirds, land birds and migratory waders may be seen across our picturesque island. The Crested Terns lay their eggs in the open, while Bridled Terns and Silver Gulls prefer to nest under shrubs. Black-Naped Terns are also common on the island along with the spectacular Brown Boobies, lesser Frigate Birds and a small colony of Red-Tailed Tropic Birds. On this 45min walk find out why Lady Elliot Island is an ornithologist's delight!
  • Historical Tour – Step back in time to the years of the guano miners and lighthouse keepers. Find out how the Island has developed into what it is today.
  • Island Discovery Tour – Join us for a 30 minute peaceful trek leaving from the Reef Education Centre. Find out why coral cays and their flora / fauna are so unique, and how the Island has become what it is today
  • Behind the Scenes Tour – Ever wondered where the water you are drinking comes from? What about where the water from the shower goes and how we get electricity for the accommodation 80km out to sea? Come behind the scenes with us for 45minutes and learn how an Eco Resort is run.