Hybrid Power Station Update

The moment we have all been waiting for ….. the construction phase of the new power station. A band of merry men accompanied by Seair's engineering team arrived on island to create an unstoppable force, full of enthusiasm and laughter they combined to create an awesome team focused on the task at hand ….. the construction of the ultimate solar power station, setting the standard, creating history on our little slice of paradise, working together to achieve the goal of reducing our carbon emissions and our overall environmental footprint. The excitement spurred the team into action and by day 2 the set out of the footprint of the structure and the fabrication of boxing for the bearers had been completed in a timely fashion in preparation of the barges arrival with all the main building materials and electrical components onboard. At 0630 Wednesday morning the barge Curtis Endeavour from Gladstone, pushed up onto the beach at the Lighthouse, with the Islands Maintenance team springing into action like a hive of bees working in unison to offload the 75 tonnes of materials and fuel in a race against the tide. The offloading progressed like clockwork with the back loading of rubbish completed and the barge pulling away by 0915. With a wave and salute Skipper Ian departed in perfect conditions after another successful unload, making way towards the watery horizon. While unloading the barge was unfolding the construction team were waiting with baited breath for the materials so that they could wind up the concrete mixers and get the bearers laid. With the team banding together and spurred on by Peter all 3 bearers were poured by sundown …. A whole day ahead of schedule WOOHOO !! A magnificent effort by all concerned and a perfect example of what working together as a team achieves …. Ultimate rewards and Success !! With the schedule well in hand the team found time to explore the underwater world of paradise ….. this is what the Great Barrier Reef is all about, immersing yourself in nature, to inspire all that this is a resource that needs protection for our future generations …… However the job at hand was still the main focus and the team launched into trenching for the main electrical line from the existing generator shed to the new HPS, with the old fuel tanks removed from their original location to make way for this, one was relocated to it’s new home in a specially bunded area next to the new power station, and the other was decommissioned and stored at the Refuse Centre. With all this activity and enthusiasm, the plan started to unfold and nature stood back and watched in anticipation ….. welcoming the foresight and commitment of our owners to make a stand to do their bit to help reduce the effects of climate change.