I loved my week back in '83 :)

I have been going through some very old photos and scanning them into my computer. I came across some from my holiday on Lady Elliot in 1983 and thought you might find them interesting. Having seen your web site, it is all VERY VERY different and up-market now.

I loved my week back in '83 :) Take a bucket of water with you to the shower and put the kettle on if you wanted it hot, take your own food and cook your own food, play backgammon at the bar at night till the generator went off. I did a 'resort diving course' (one dive) - then one more after that - the only 2 dives I have ever done. I checked my shoes every morning for centipedes and hand fed fish in the lagoon. And I went fishing in a small boat and suffered for my catch!! But it was beautiful cooked with the fresh prawns we got from a trawler that pulled in. A great week.