Lady Elliot Island a Destination for all Adventurers

Between the 20th and 22nd of May 2010 I visited (for the 3rd time!!) Lady Elliot Island on my Yr 12 Marine Studies camp (and as a serial visitor of Lady Elliot, I can tell you it only gets better and better!). Throughout my stay, my class and I encountered lots of marine life including a Shovel Nosed Shark, Green Turtles, Angel Fish, Clown Fish, Sea Cucumbers, White-Tipped Reef Sharks and an array of beautiful Corals. Not leaving all the excitement for underwater we also saw numerous birds including the Red-Tailed Tropic Bird. The Snorkelling and Scuba Diving spots around and off the island are truly diverse, unique and stunning. From reef walking at low tide on the eastern side to Scuba Diving out from the Lighthouse off a boat, I loved every second of my stay at Lady Elliot Island. You certainly don't have to be a 'Bear Grylls' to part take in an adventure at Lady Elliot. From beginning to end my Lady Elliot Island adventure is one I will never ever forg et. Lady Elliot Island is a very special place which I shall visit until 'death do us apart' (and that's not going to be anytime soon!).