Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort has set a new record

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort has set a new record of the lowest fuel usage day on the island. On Friday 19th August 2011, the record was set after 13.5 hours of continuous solar and battery power before the generator kicked in using only 125 litres of fuel for the day.

This was achieved through the addition of 24 new BAC batteries and 3 SMA SI5048 inverters to the original Hybrid Solar Power Station adding an extra 15 kilowatts of reserve storage power, taking the total amount up to 45 kilowatts.

Peter Gash, Managing Director of Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort said he was delighted with the results stating "This is another milestone for Lady Elliot Island as we progress towards our ultimate goal of total renewable power supply use by 2015. It is made more amazing when you remember that Lady Elliot Island desalinates all of our daily water needs using solar power and then treats all our waste water to a high standard on island also using that power. It is a ringing endorsement to the fact that that renewables are here to stay and are just getting better. Thanks goes to Laurie & Robbie of the Lady Elliot Island Maintenance team and Peter Libretto from Enertech as well as SMA for supporting us in our quest to achieve these remarkable results. "

The Hybrid Solar Power Station was constructed in 2008 and since this time, the resort’s diesel fuel usage has reduced from 550 litres to less than 150 litres per day. This system, combined with other initiatives on the island has resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions by almost 70%

Interpretive tours of the Hybrid Solar Power Station are conducted for guests on the island to raise awareness on the effects of climate change on a coral cay and the Great Barrier Reef.

Over the next 12 months, Lady Elliot Island will install an additional 100 solar panels, doubling the solar output and aiming to reduce fuel usage to less than 100 litres per day. The long term goal is to run the resort entirely on solar power and other renewable power sources thereby eliminating the use of generators.

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