Lady Elliot Island revisited….

There was no way in the world that I could possibly go back out to Lady Elliot Island for three days break and not blog about it! I took a few days out to visit the island with a friend of mine from Europe and simply had to write something about the experience.

This place to me is one of those jewels in the crown of the Great Barrier Reef that I shouldn’t really praise too much in case thousands of people decide to go and try it for themselves thereby ruining the peace and solitude that it offers. Oh well it really can’t be helped!

After departing from Hervey Bay 40 minutes later on the horizon appears this perfectly formed coral cay. The closer you get the more obvious its size is, the tiny unsurfaced runway stretching from one side to the other with just enough length to stop a fully loaded Cessna Caravan. The final loop around the island teases you with views of crystal clear blue water, breaching whales and the outlines of Manta Rays around the perimeter. This is exactly how I’d picture an island…

Lady Elliot does everything simply. The accommodation is designed to have minimum impact on the environment, the power generation is done by efficient solar panels, the buffet food allows you as much or as little as you’d like and the key to staying here? Reducing your heart-rate down to that of the island.

If you want a pampered holiday go elsewhere, if you want an adrenaline filled extreme holiday go elsewhere, if you want to fully absorb yourself in nature and the Great Barrier Reef then you’ve come to the right place – this is where the interaction between humans and the natural environment is the least impacting and most impressive you will find.

I came here for my first visit back in November of 2009 and produced a blog all about my time on the island that you can read about here – I won’t repeat myself and this will be a short blog post but please enjoy the photos and the video I’ve compiled of my time of the island.

If you love your diving and you intend visiting Australia then you have to visit.

Enjoy :)