Letter from David Ireland

Over the last 20 years of filming Wildlife Man TV series for Discovery Channel and over 30 other networks around the world, I find myself once again back at Lady Elliot Island. This time I'm filming the first episode of my new "Wildlife Man 3D".

The reason I make so many expeditions to Lady Elliot is the because of the amazing diving and diversity of marine life. Having dived so many locations around the world, I rate the island as arguably the best! No other place I have ever managed to gain such close up photography of such a huge diversity of life.

The 3D series however is much more difficult to produce because of the huge 3D camera housing, but thankfully with the professional assistance of Kym, Chris, Clinton, Ryan and Mark, the task is far easier. The dive team, its instructors and skippers are highly trained professionals. They run completely safe expeditions to the many dive sites the island has to offer.

Lady Elliot Island is truly a diver's paradise.

David Ireland.