Project Manta update

The photo-identification of manta rays is going great thanks to all the photos we've received, we have about 210 mantas identified (and still counting) from Heron Island, Lady Elliot Island, Wolf Rock, North Stradbroke Island, Byron Bay and Solitary Islands Marine Park. So far, 49 rays were resighted twice at the same site, including 17 sighted 3 times, and 5 rays 4 times. We now have 7 mantas positively identified and photographed at both Lady Elliot and North Stradbroke Island. We expect this number to increase and be spread between several sites as more photos are going to be collected from each area.

We are going over to Lady Elliot Island next week to collect more data (plankton, photos, behavioural observations, etc.) and start to tag some manta rays (acoustic). We will also be starting our filming for the documentary on Project Manta with Kaufmann Productions, very exciting! We will keep you update on our progress and results.

Also, we are still working on organising and getting fundings to investigate more manta aggregation sites such as the Solitary Islands Marine Park and Osprey Reef. Project Manta posters and presentation will be ready shortly to be presented during different events and/or on request.