Self-Guided Activities

Walking Trails

If you feel like exploring this amazing Island on foot, grab a copy of the Walking and Snorkelling Trails map. There are two very different walks for you to consider; the Discovery Walking Trail and the Eco Walking Trail.

The Eco Walking Trail

The Eco Walking Trail incorporates the Climate Change Trail developed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) and Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort. The Lady Elliot Climate Change Trail guides visitors through the island’s varied ecosystems, including coastal, rainforest, coral reef, and wetland and features a series of interpretive signs to enhance the island’s existing walking track.

The signage will enhance visitors’ understanding and appreciation of how climate change will affect the island’s various ecosystems though increased sea and air temperatures, increased frequency of intense storms, changed rainfall, rising sea level, ocean acidification and changing ocean currents.

The highlights of the ‘Eco’ Walking Trail include:

  1. Our changing island – Information on climate change impacts
  2. Life’s a bleach! – Presenting coral bleaching mechanisms
  3. The ever-rising tide – Sea level rise and its impact on low-lying coral cays
  4. Gender bender – Impacts of increased sand temperature on sea turtle sex ratio
  5. A hidden menace – Ocean acidification and its effect on coral growth
  6. Shifting sands – Effect of changing winds on the island’s geomorphology
  7. Occasion for invasion – Impact of climate change on the island’s introduced pest species
  8. Something fishy going on here – Impact of climate change on fish populations at Lady Elliot
  9. Would you like salt in your water? – Impact of sea level rise on freshwater supplies
  10. Seabirds go hungry – How the island’s seabirds struggle to find food because of climate change
  11. An island powered by the sun – How the island’s solar power station reduces carbon emissions

The Discovery Walking Trail

The Discovery Walking Trail will take you on a historical tour of Lady Elliot Island where you will learn more about the Island’s unique natural and man-made landmarks and fascinating history, download History fact sheet.

The highlights of the ‘Discovery’ Walking Trail include:

  • The Heritage Precinct where you will see the old Lighthouse which operated from 1873-1995.
  • The Lighthouse Keepers Cottages that were built in the 1920’s, now used as staff accommodation.
  • The new fully automated Lighthouse which has been in use since 1995.
  • The Graveyard featuring two graves here, read our History Fact sheet for more information.
  • Frogs Hollow where you might be lucky enough to see or hear frogs after rain.
  • The Pisonia Forest & Nursery was established in 1999 by local Parks and Wildlife Ranger John Meech.
  • The old Well used by the Lighthouse keepers as the main water supply.
  • Coral Gardens, keep an eye out for Black Tip Reef Sharks that can be seen from the beach in the shallow waters just off the shore (1-2 hours after low tide).
  • During the Turtle Nesting season (November – February) you may find Turtle Nests on Northern Beach. Depressions in the sand known as Body Pits can be seen under trees where female turtles nest during summer.
  • A wide variety of sea birds can be seen on the Eastern side of the Island in summer.
  • At low tide, engines from shipwrecks are exposed and you can explore the rockpools.