Water Conservation

The water supply on Lady Elliot Island is created by a Dunlop IBC reverse osmosis desalination system converting sea water to pristine clean fresh water. Originally, the system produced water at a rate of 14 litres per minute, 24 hours per day, however, after a lot of improvement we have managed to consistently achieve 25 litres per minute. Since construction of the Hybrid Solar Power Station on the island, water is now supplied courtesy of the sun!

We have recently worked in conjunction with a European manufacturer trialling a more efficient desalination prototype and preliminary results indicate about 50% less power cost per litre produced - more free water from the sun. These systems are planned to be available to the marketplace in the near future.

Water is a precious resource and we ask guests to conserve water where possible to ensure we have enough for everyone, and to preserve of our wonderful environment.

As we are limited in the amount of water we can produce daily we send all our laundry back to the mainland each day for laundering which then returns a couple of days later by air.

As per our commitment to sustainable ecotourism practices, we are no longer selling plastic water bottles on the Island. However, guests can bring reusable bottles or buy one of our LEI Water reusable bottles (Recycled Plastic & Stainless Steel) from the Resort Shop that can be filled from drinking fountains located around the Resort or from taps in the rooms.