Under Water Dive

Take a virtual dive/snorkel/walk around Lady Elliot Island from anywhere in the world! This interactive site has been created using Google map technology and features panoramic images stitched together providing a 360 degree view of Lady Elliot Island both above and below the water, created in a joint partnership by Richard Vevers and the Underwater Earth team and the Catlin Seaview Survey.

Catlin Seaview Survey (CSS), a series of scientific expeditions to explore and survey the world's coral reefs, established a global partnership with Google. The survey team used custom designed technology and the world's first underwater tablet-operated camera to collect 360 degree panoramic imager on the survey team's second pilot expedition to Lady Elliot island in May 2012. These images have been stitched together to allow people to find Lady Elliot Island on Google Maps and experience a 'virtual' dive to explore the wonders of the reef on our coral cay.

The latest technology that is helping the world’s leading ocean scientists to remotely study coral reefs also allows you take a virtual dive in the waters that surround our island. Thanks to the Catlin Seaview Survey’s groundbreaking technology and their partnership with Google Maps you can now visit us from the comfort of your own home and take a gentle stroll around the island, take a snorkel in the lagoon or even scuba dive with our resident Manta Rays out on second reef.

The Catlin Seaview Survey is on a mission to record, research and reveal the coral reefs of the world using their groundbreaking 360-degree panoramic cameras. In May 2012 the team performed pilot expeditions around Lady Elliot Island as they tested their new camera technology and have since been back a number of times with film and documentary teams to survey more of our islands waters. You can read more about the global project here once you are done exploring our island.

Take a Virtual Dive now!